All HR/TD Council members are encouraged to join a committee. Brief descriptions and approximate time commitments for each committee appear below. To join, or to get further information, please contact Membership Coordinator, Kevin Stamn.

Conference Committee

The Conference Committee works to create a successful conference experience for the council and its membership. Specific duties may include:

  • Helping identify the conference theme, direction, and speakers
  • Building a relevant topic agenda
  • Identifying social activities and other value-added benefits
  • Promoting the conference to members and other potential attende
  • es
  • Leveraging resources to help the council make the most of its conference dollars
  • Assisting speakers in clarifying session content and direction

Time commitment: Plan on 1-2 hours per week throughout the year (up to 2-3 hours for subcommittee chairs). Commitment starts at the close of the previous year’s conference; however, the bulk of the work occurs in the 6 months before the conference.

Education Committee

The Education Committee assists in the development and review of educational benefits for council members. Specific duties may include:

  • Collaborating with CUNA’s Center for Professional Development to evaluate educational curricula and schools
  • Reviewing a variety of published educational materials
  • Developing periodic member surveys to measure member satisfaction and desire for new services
  • Reviewing and recommending changes to the overall benefits scenario
  • Providing advocacy for the credit union movement by educating council members and other professionals of the distinctive nature of our industry.

Time commitment: May vary; plan for 1-2 hours per week throughout the year.

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee helps develop strategies and take actions that foster membership involvement, retention and growth. 

  • Support efforts to attract new members
  • Support member retention efforts
  • Determine actions / resources to increase and enhance member involvement
  • Determine actions/resources to increase benefits for Council members
  • Work with Council staff to raise the awareness of resources with Council members and potential members.
  • Promote Council memberships at industry events
  • Leverage league relationships or any other CU networking relationships

Time commitment: Monthly Membership Committee calls (approximately 30 minutes each).  Some additional time to conduct phone calls, e-mails and other contacts as determined by the Committee will be needed.

Regulatory Committee

The HR/TD Regulatory Committee seeks to keep the membership informed of pending regulatory and legislative actions that are of concern to HR professionals.

Specific duties may include:

  • Collaborating with Council administration and CUNA staff to identify opportunities for comment
  • Helping coordinate the collection of comments from Council membership
  • Taking necessary actions to raise the awareness of council members regarding non HR/TD relevant regulatory and legislative issues that warrant the attention and comments from credit unions in general.
  • Determine which CUNA Comment calls should be prepared and e-mailed to the membership and which ones should be posted to the Council website.
  • Post informational alerts of HR/TD relevant regulatory and legislative issues to the website as the committee becomes aware of them (as deemed necessary).

Time commitment – Operates on an as-needed basis; plan on no more than 1 hour per week throughout the year, unless special issues arise. Please note, due to the urgency of some issues, team members will need to act quickly and reply promptly to requests for assistance.